I've almost always got a project on the go.  It might be a big home reno project or is might be a small craft.  Either way, the wheels in my head are always turning and my hands are ready to be put to work. I hope my projects help to inform and inspire you:

Home renos:
New windows :Let's go Shopping!
Painting Bathroom Tiles: Really? That's what you went with?
Bathroom Reno part 2: The end game
Backyard Bliss: Rear Reno

Crafts and small projects:
Reupholstered bench: It was old and busted
Feeling like Gatsby: Old Partylites made new. 
Making a kick-ass Halloween costume 
Adding lights to a flip-top vanity
Making a Spring Wreath 
Bachelorette Party Crafts
Painting Tiles
A half-mask fascinator